What To Expect When You Hire RT Relocation

Hiring a moving company can feel almost as overwhelming as moving. Preparing to move to a new location is exciting, but can also be quite stressful. It’s important to hire a moving company that you can count on and trust with your most personal belongings.

The first thing you should expect when you call RT Relocation is a friendly voice that is there to help you make the right move.

Initially, we gather all of your basic information and estimated move date. Next, we schedule a phone consultation with one of our professional estimators.

Working with an RT Relocation Estimator

One of our professional estimators will call you at your scheduled appointment time in order to provide you with the detailed information and pricing. To do that, he or she will take a complete inventory of every room in your home and create a full inventory list of items that need to be relocated. The list will be emailed to you for confirmation. Soon after, the estimate will be sent with the cost of your crew and your scheduled move date. If you decide to move forward with RT Relocation, a $100 deposit will be required with your signed paperwork which you can pay by check or credit card.

RT Relocation moving truck

Meeting Your Move Coordinator

Your Move Coordinator will call you as soon as we know you are moving forward with our services. He or she will help secure your deposit and answer any additional questions you may have. Furthermore, the coordinator will help you finish any outstanding paperwork that needs to be sent back to our company. Your paperwork includes a protection plan that offers basic or full coverage, depending on your needs, and that will be concluded as well.

After the footwork is complete and your paperwork is signed, your Move Coordinator will call you two days before the move. He or she will confirm your address and check-in with you to discuss any concerns or changes that may have come up, as well as provide you with your crew’s arrival time.

On Your Moving Day

Our crews anticipated arrival time is typically between 8 AM – 10 AM. The two-hour window is for traffic or any mechanical issues that may arise; however, under typical conditions, our crew almost always arrives around 8:30 AM. We want our crew fresh, ready, and at their best.

Our moving crews are professional, personable, and polite. We have the right people on the job because we know that moving is inherently stressful, and our crews are there to mitigate that stress, not add to it. Our professional movers are trusted, trained, licensed and fully insured.

At RT Relocation, when we show up to your job, we understand that it’s not just a 3-bedroom home, it’s YOUR 3-bedroom home! That means we take pride in taking care of your things and we make sure each item arrives in the exact condition it left your home in.