Commercial Moving Services In CT

Make the Right Move with RT Relocation

Every company move has complex needs and challenges. RT Relocation will help you to plan a well-organized relocation from start to finish. For business owners, time is money. RT Relocation provides efficient moving services so that you can get back to work without losing valuable time. If your move is disorganized and chaotic, your business can suffer beneath towers of messy, unmarked boxes that are late and in the wrong places. This means your projects are late, your clients are concerned, and stress levels soar. We won’t let that happen.

RT Relocation will assess and resolve any issues that may stand in the way and ensure the packing and moving  process is smooth, seamless and on time. We will create a comprehensive transportation agreement that includes pricing so you are aware of each step of the process. There are never hidden fees or surprises with our company and we respect your set budget.

Our team can devise a commercial relocation policy to specifically suit the needs of your business and its employees so that everyone clearly understands the transitioning guidelines. Communication and an organized plan are key when it comes to moving a business. We ensure that instructions are clear and the procedures are simple; this helps to maintain a happy and productive staff.

Our licensed and insured team members move fast, but we are careful and strategic. We ensure that all of your items are delivered in perfect condition to your new building. RT Relocation becomes your moving partner, and your Account Manager will be with you every step of the way. The entire process is streamlined so you stay on budget, on target, and in line with your company goals.

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