Moving from Connecticut to South Carolina [Ultimate Guide]

Moving from CT to SC Guide

Are you thinking about relocating from Connecticut to South Carolina? Let’s go over all of the details you need to know before starting the moving process.

Cost of Living in South Carolina


South Carolina has some of the most affordable property values in the United States. From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the popular coastal areas, SC is one of the best places to go for young professionals and retirees alike who enjoy a lower cost of living.

Grocery and gas prices are also lower in South Carolina than in many other areas of the country. The one area of life that is typically higher than other parts of the country are utilities, thanks to the region’s high humidity and heat during the summer months.

Cost of Utilities in SC

Hot, humid summers mean you will be cranking that air conditioning unit all day and all night. The average monthly utility bill is $140, ranking South Carolina 3rd highest among all states.

South Carolina Taxes


SC’s income taxes are around the U.S. average, but their property taxes are the 5th lowest in the country.

There are also tremendous benefits for retirees, including the state not taxing you for Social Security retirement benefits. For seniors getting any other type of retirement income, there is a $15,000 deduction available.

SC Housing Prices


Mansion in South Carolina

South Carolina home prices are lower than much of the nation. The median home cost is $170,100 compared to the national average of $231,200. The least expensive cities to buy a home include Greenville, Columbia, Spartanburg, and Florence, SC, but there are many great affordable areas throughout the state.

South Carolina has fantastic geographic variety too when house hunting. You can live on the coast, in the low country, where areas like Charleston will give you exemplary beach living conditions. Or, you can experience the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Greenville or Spartanburg. The region truly has something for everyone at fair prices.

Pros and Cons to Living in South Carolina

There are several advantages to living in South Carolina, but there are also some negatives worth mentioning. If you have already planned to moving here, then hopefully you are well aware of the good and bad. If not, here are the top pros and cons to moving to or living in South Carolina.

Pros to Living in SC


Low Taxes


As previously mentioned, South Carolina has below average taxes compared to the rest of the states. There are also several tax exemptions available depending on status, especially for seniors. Social security is not taxed here, and the state offers a $15,000 taxable income deduction for seniors who receive any other type of retirement income.

Mild Weather

Although summers can be stifling at times, fall and winter months provide near-perfect weather conditions for outdoor recreational activities. South Carolina is known for its plethora of golf courses, hiking and biking trails, and beach activities that can be enjoyed year-round.

Solid Healthcare Services

With such a high retiree population, South Carolina is equipped with health systems that accommodate the needs of the elderly. Many locations throughout the state are nationally ranked for different specialties including rheumatology and cardiac surgery.

Cons to Living in SC




Comfortable winters give way to toasty summers, where average high temperatures in July and August routinely hit the high 90s. If you don’t mind daily rain showers and thick, heavy air for months at a time, South Carolina is the place for you.

A pro tip to any new SC resident is to stock up on bug spray. Your first summer will be a learning experience getting used to mosquitoes and other insects.

Hurricane Season


Hurricanes are not as frequent and devastating as they are along the Gulf Coast, but coastal South Carolina gets their share of hurricanes and tropical storms.

If you want to avoid heavy rains and flooding, it’s wise to move far inland. 

Cost of Living is Higher for the Region


The cost of living in South Carolina is lower than much of the United States. This is especially true for those migrating from northeastern states like Connecticut, Massachusetts, or New York,  however; the area has slightly higher home prices than surrounding states.

Best Cities to Live in South Carolina


South Carolina has become a popular destination for both young professionals and retirees. When planning your next move, check out these intriguing destinations in the Palmetto State. It should give you plenty of ideas you can use when contacting local moving companies for your stress-free move.

Charleston, SC

Population: 150,227


Charleston, South Carolina

This coastal city is the largest city in South Carolina and one of the oldest. Founded 350 years ago, Charleston has tons of colonial history with many centuries-old structures still intact, including the famous Fort Sumter, the site of the first shots of the Civil War.

Despite Charleston’s heat, there are several iconic beaches within about 20 minutes of town including Foley Beach and Morris Island.

Public schools in the area are top-notch, including the Academic Magnet High School and Charleston School of the Arts.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Population: 35,682


Myrtle Beach pier

About two hours up the coast from Charleston lies Myrtle Beach, a fun weekend getaway community. From golf courses to NASCAR, there are a number of exciting activities awaiting your arrival.

Myrtle Beach is known for being a retiree haven, but it also has Coastal Carolina University which has a burgeoning football program that is routinely ranked nationally.

This area tends to be a bit cheaper than other coastal towns in the region, with median home prices hovering in the low $200,000s.

Greenville, SC

Population: 70,720


Greenville, SC

If you want to live away from the coast, Greenville provides an explorative reprieve. Nestled at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville is ideal for outdoor recreational enthusiasts. Hiking, biking, golfing, and more.

It’s the epitome of nature up in this part of South Carolina, but it’s only a few minutes from Charlotte, NC and is home to several major corporations like Michelin and GE.

The city continues to expand every year and has plenty of opportunities for young professionals.

Mount Pleasant, SC

Population: 90,801


An upscale suburb of Charleston, Mount Pleasant is a great place for families to call home. Real estate is higher than many other surrounding areas, but for a coastal property you can’t beat it.

The atmosphere around town is laid back, with several pieces of South Carolina history within a short distance including the museum ship the USS Yorktown.

Fort Mill, SC

Population: 24,521 

Fort Mill, SC is located in the far north part of the state, close to Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s a popular spot for peach orchards and the beautiful Anne Springs Close Greenway, a 2,100 acre nature preserve.

It’s nearly 200 miles from the beach, but people who move here don’t care about the beach. They are in love with the beautiful Appalachian foothills. This area is a beautiful location to watch the leaves change in the fall and to enjoy many other outdoor activities.

Columbia, SC

Population: 136,632


Columbia, SC is the state capital of South Carolina and home to the largest institution in the state, University of South Carolina.

Despite the city’s troubled past, especially during the Civil War days, Columbia has become a popular destination for many young professionals. It’s often described as having a small town feel with big city perks.

Rock Hill, SC

Population: 74,372


Another zip code in the northern part of the state, Rock Hill is a fun spot for hikers and other nature enthusiasts. There are more than 30 parks that host national and local events.

The small town area is quaint and includes a number of historical buildings from the 1840s. Rock Hill is also home to Winthrop University. The downtown area was South Carolina’s first cultural district.

Largest Employers / Companies in South Carolina


South Carolina isn’t just a popular destination for people like you and me, it’s become a great location for many large businesses thanks to a tax-friendly environment.

Where in South Carolina is Boeing moving to?


Boeing now has a massive assembly site at the Charleston International Airport located in North Charleston. This is a major manufacturing, assembly, and delivery location and has become one of the biggest employment centers in South Carolina.

Other Big Companies in SC


Michelin: This tire manufacturer has more current employees than any other company in SC.

Sonoco: Located in Hartsville, South Carolina, this packaging corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of plastic containers and industrial plastic packaging.

Schaeffler Group: Headquartered in Fort Mill, SC, Schaeffler Group develops products for engines, transmissions, chassis, and more.

Cryovac: This brand food packager is based out of Duncan, SC. Their packaging technology prevents goods from getting an excess supply of oxygen.

Why Hire a Moving or Storage Company from CT to SC?


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