Moving from Connecticut to New Jersey (The Complete Guide)

When you decide to move to another state, it usually comes with many different emotions. A move is an exciting change with new scenery, people, and adventures, yet it can cause stress and anxiety to leave your comfort zone and move away from what’s familiar. Even though the move from Connecticut to New Jersey is not far, it can still feel overwhelming. There is no need to stress, though, because RT Relocation has the complete guide for moving from Connecticut to New Jersey.  

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Why Move to New Jersey?

New Jersey, also known as The Garden State, may be considered one of the most population-dense states in the country. New Jersey is quiet, friendly, and home to some of the best educational institutions. It has various restaurants and is filled with art, culture, activities, and scenery that everyone will love. This state has shopping malls, boardwalks filled with activities, and so much more. No wonder everyone is looking to move and live in this state. Lets examine the pros and cons of living and moving to the state of NJ.  

Pros and Cons of Moving to NJ



New Jersey's Top Attractions and Things to Do

Atlantic City Boardwalk –  What is better than beautiful beaches and boardwalks? Atlantic City Boardwalk is one of the most popular attractions in New Jersey and is a lovely place to visit or vacation! It has many fun beach activities like surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Plus, a variety of shops, towering resorts, and hotels. Whether you are planning a vacation or just a quick getaway, this is a place you will want to visit! 

Borgata CasinoThis popular casino is located in Atlantic City and offers fun for the whole family. Rated as one of the best casinos in the state, The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is a great way to escape and play. This is an exciting place to visit, with five indoor and outdoor pools, over 14 restaurants, spas, concerts, and over 3,000 slots!  

High Point State Park –  If you love a hike and a great view, then this activity is for you! High Point State Park rises 1,803 feet above sea level and is the summit of Kittatinny Ridge. This high point allows you to see breathtaking views of the surrounding area. If you are looking for a fun activity and some exercise, take a hike up High Point State Park! 

Barnegat Lighthouse State ParkLocated on the Northern Tip of Long Beach Island, this lighthouse is the perfect getaway with beautiful scenery. The best part is that you can climb to the top of this lighthouse and experience views like no other! Not only can you explore the lighthouse, but you can also fish and have picnics in the area. There are various others things to do, such as staying at a beautiful bed and breakfast, visiting popular museums, or renting a party or fishing boat.  

Monmouth Battlefield State ParkIf you are up for something historical, you should visit Monmouth Battlefield State Park. On June 28th, 1778, one of the longest battles of the American Revolutionary War happened on Monmouth Battlefield State Park. At the end of the battle, over 600 lives were lost. This park offers miles of biking trails, hikes, and horseback riding while learning about the history of this State Park.  

Grounds for SculptureIf you love culture and the arts, this is a place you won’t want to miss. “Grounds for Sculpture is a museum, sculpture garden, and arboretum where art and nature are always at play.” With 42 landscape acres and over 300 sculptures, this place will amaze you.  

Paterson Great FallsWaterfalls are always a great destination to add to your list if you are looking for a fun and beautiful place to visit. Paterson Great Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the nation and was founded by Alexander Hamilton. While visiting the waterfall, don’t forget to visit the historic town where innovation is at its core.   

Top Cities to Live in New Jersey

Jersey City – Directly across from New York City, Jersey City is a close drive to the Statue of Liberty at Liberty State Park and Ellis Island. With plenty of activities, bars, and restaurants, this beautiful area is located on the waterfront and is considered one of the state’s most livable cities. Currently, it has over 265,000 residents.  

Lawrence Township – Home to a little over 33,000, Lawrence Township is a smaller town and is quiet, peaceful, and has a wide variety of walking trails. Most residents own their homes but have a lower cost of living than the US average.  

Morristown – With over 18,000 residents, Morristown is a great place to get away if you want to live in a small town but still be close to city life. Morristown is located close to Manhattan, New York, and is known for its history and parks.  

Newark –  Newark is another large and busy city in New Jersey with over 280,000 people. Housing and rentals can be sparse overall and are usually more expensive since the median household income is just over 35K. Yet, this city is full of diverse young professionals who like entertainment. And it’s ideal because Newark holds large concerts, shows, and many sporting events in their sports arenas. 

Princeton – Located 20 minutes from the state capital, this small college town has an excellent educational system, family life, and a low crime rate. This city has a sizeable median household income of $137,000, and Princeton is known for its Ivy League life and prestigious private schools.  

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Rental and Housing Costs in New Jersey

One of the most important things to look for when moving to a new state is the rental and housing costs. If you want to move to New Jersey, you should consider renting first to get to know the area. New Jersey rentals are well above the United States average. In fact, renting a one-bedroom studio can cost anywhere from $1,8000 to $3,100, depending on the area. Therefore, you may want to jump right into buying a new home. If you are considering purchasing a home, the prices for a single-family home have increased to over $440,000.  

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